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Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre

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Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre

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Come to us for your weekly buzz!                                              

Morning/Afternoon rides

8am - 9.30am Saturday Lesson with Tamzin

20 minutes grooming and tacking up, one hour riding, 10 minutes cooling off and untacking (all times approx!)

£30 - £28

Morning rides are for riders who can hold their balance in walk, trot & canter and have enough confidence to be able to keep calm if something unexpected occurs.


These rides always start with a short lesson to warm up and check that everything is OK and then unless the weather is diabolical we go out for a hack, depending on the weather and what you, the riders, want to do it may be a short, medium or long hack.


When we return to the yard we may do some hill work, jumping, cantering, showjumping, whatever you fancy.


Laid back, fun with lots of learning!


Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre has good horses and ponies for horse riding lessons and pony riding lessons. To experience stunning scenery and Yorkshire riding at its best enjoy a horse riding hack. We breed Spanish horses (Andalusians) at our equestrian stables, the Spanish horse (Andalusian) is good in the riding school. Our good ponies give pony lessons and for pony fun and pony games why not book one of our popular pony parties as a birthday treat at our riding school.