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Lessons and rides

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Crafty Ponies is an award winning craft kit to make a soft toy pony with educational realistic working tack and equipment.  There are on-line video lessons in pony care that your children can practice on their own Crafty Pony. 


Check out the website!

Crafty Ponies

crafty 4 Crafty Ponies

Primaries Ponies is a website filled with information and freely downloadable pdf's to help enable riding schools and primary schools to work together to provide a six week course for ALL interested year 3 (8yo) children to learn pony care and riding, with ABRS test A taken at the end of the course.

Please forward this link to your local primary and riding schools so that they can help children - whatever their circumstance or background in life to be able to say " I have groomed a pony and ridden a pony and fed a pony".  That is what Primaries Ponies is all about.


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Primaries Ponies

Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre has good horses and ponies for horse riding lessons and pony riding lessons. To experience stunning scenery and Yorkshire riding at its best enjoy a horse riding hack. We breed Spanish horses (Andalusians) at our equestrian stables, the Spanish horse (Andalusian) is good in the riding school. Our good ponies give pony lessons and for pony fun and pony games why not book one of our popular pony parties as a birthday treat at our riding school.

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Group A

Group B

Group C

Start riding and learning about ponies in our parent/child lead rein class!  Good exercise for parents and great fun for small children!  On fine days enjoy a walk around the local reservoir, on wet days play pony riding games in the covered arena!  Mostly walking with a little trot when chidren (and parents!) want to try going a little bit faster!

This is a beginner/novice class, working towards passing A & B tests.  30 minutes riding 30 minutes horse care.  Learn to walk, trot, turn and stop, this class is suitable for older, stronger children who want to learn to ride

Improvers class, working towards tests C, D and E.  Ride 45 minutes and horse care 45 minutes.  Learn to canter and jump small jumps

Student group for more serious riders who wish to spend more time with the horses and work towards stage 1 - 10 ABRS exams. Horsemanship and yard duties from 4pm and helping to feed horses after riding for one hour

Harry and mum Harry horse rider Pippa pony rider

Pippa pony rider and Harry horse rider say:  We started riding when we were small, our mum used to lead our pony whilst we developed our baalance!  It was great fun!  Now we are bigger and stronger we can ride on our own!

Harry and Pippa teach children about ponies on Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre facebook page - take a look!

1/2 hour parent and child lead rein class

Suitable for children from 4 years old.

No experience necessary £15

Block of 4 lessons £54 (£13.50 per lesson)  

Monthly standing order £48 (£12 per lesson)

Pippa pony rider Harry horse rider

Harry horse rider and Pippa pony rider say:  When we were bigger and stronger we were able to start riding on our own and learned to walk and turn and stop our pony without a leader.  It is a bit hard at first but we soon gained our confidence and then started trotting on our own - that is fun!

1 hour Group A lesson

Suitable for children from 6 years old.

Children must be reasonably fit and strong £17.50

Block of 4 lessons £62 (£15.50 per lesson)  

Monthly standing order £54 (£13.50 per lesson)

Harry horse rider

Harry horse rider says:  It is exciting learning to canter, the pony goes quite fast!  Learning to jump is really good fun too! You feel like you are bouncing over the jump!

1 1/2 hours Group B lesson

Suitable for children from 7 years old.

Children must be confident in walk and trot £20

Block of 4 lessons £72 (£18 per lesson)  

Monthly standing order £64 (£16 per lesson)

Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre trotting poles Harry horse rider

The group C riders work quite hard in their riding!  They have a lot of fun trying new dressage moves with the horses and ponies, maybe going over bigger show jumps if they want to and cantering quite fast in the fields! It is quite challenging and these riders love the buzz from the challenge!

1 hour riding, full evening horse care Group C lesson

Suitable for children from 10 years old.

Children must be confident cantering, jumping, bareback riding, hill work and independent riding in the fields  £25

Block of 4 lessons £92 (£23 per lesson)  

Monthly standing order £84 (£21 per lesson)

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Whether you have never sat on a horse before, coming back from a  break or ridden for years, our adults lessons provide the opportunities for you to build fitness, confidence and friendships as well as achieving your goals and having fun.  These rides cover everything from hacking out, riding up and down the hills, dressage, show jumping, synchronised riding to music and working equitation.


Riders are shown how to fetch their horse from the stable, groom and tack up.  After riding the riders are shown how to care for their horse, untacking, rugging up and returning to stable.





Izzy the instructress says: We tailor the ride to suit you!  If it is fine weather and you would like to hack out - that is what we do! Or we can ride in the fields.  If the weather is not so nice we can practice dressage, synchronised riding to music, show jumping, working equitation or bareback riding in the arena, the choice is yours!

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1 1/2 hours class, one hour riding

Suitable for more experienced riders with reasonable fitness


Block of 4 lessons £112 (£28 per lesson)  

Monthly standing order £104 (£26 per lesson)




1 hour class, 40 minutes riding

Suitable for beginner/novice riders working on getting their riding muscles fit!


Block of 4 lessons £94 (23.50 per lesson)

Monthly standing order £88 (£22 per lesson)




Private 1 hour lesson, 40 mins riding

Suitable for beginners, riders returning to riding after a break or riders wishing to have one to one time.


Block of 4 lessons £150 (£37.50 per lesson)

Monthly standing order £140(£35 per lesson)



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