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Health and safety

HEALTH AND SAFETY NOTE:  We would like to advise you that horse and pony riding and handling is classified as a ‘High Risk’ sport.  



ALL horse riders fall off - fact. Professional riders fall off, beginner riders fall off and novice riders fall off.  Some big falls result in no injury, some seemingly minor bumps can cause injury, my daughters and I have fallen off going over jumps, and been bucked off, reared off, spun off and bucking broncoed off when handling youngsters and horses in for re-training.  Fortunately we have escaped all the falls without injury.


Horse riding requires a good deal of balance, good posture, concentration and co-ordination, when riders are learning how to ride and control the horse some or all of these will be lost and a fall is inevitable.


You will fall off, if you have brittle bones, land badly or are heavy, or a combination of any of these you may break your bones.


After saying all that (and if I've freaked you out then follow your instinct and DONT HORSE RIDE) I will now tell you that horse riding is an amazing activity.  Do I overly worry about my three daughters riding, galloping, jumping big fences or breaking in youngsters, or the fact I may fall off and break my neck - no, I do not worry, the day I do I will stop riding.


We are very experienced with horses and ponies, we are very good at calming horses and ponies and can teach you how to be safe around them.  Our horses and ponies are calm, happy and well behaved, we have lovely quiet beginner horses and ponies for you to start riding and then more forward going horses for if/when you want more action.


We recommend that you speak to an insurance agent to cover yourself financially in case of an accident.  When skiers go winter snow skiing they usually take out accident insurance. Other sports enthusiasts take out accident cover.  To ride horses with or without insurance cover is your choice.



This riding school is approved by the ABRS (Association of British Riding Schools), licensed by Calderdale Health and Safety, and insured.  We have a very good safety record, however you need to take responsibility for your own financial situation.

Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre has good horses and ponies for horse riding lessons and pony riding lessons. To experience stunning scenery and Yorkshire riding at its best enjoy a horse riding hack. We breed Spanish horses (Andalusians) at our equestrian stables, the Spanish horse (Andalusian) is good in the riding school. Our good ponies give pony lessons and for pony fun and pony games why not book one of our popular pony parties as a birthday treat at our riding school.