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Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre

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Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre

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Summer hacks, hop on and ride!



Experience the great outdoors hacking out on horseback.  From the heights of the heather covered moors (over 2000 ft above sea level) you can enjoy far reaching views of the hills and peaks of the pennines above Hebden Bridge.


Here are some of the views that you will enjoy whilst hacking out:


Wadsworth moor, Wadsworth is the largest parish in England.


Heptonstall is one of the oldest villages with a medieval church.


Pecket Well mill and chimney now converted to luxury flats


Old town reservoir used to power Old Town mill.


Hardcastle crags, a beauty spot favoured by the Victorians for their Sunday stroll, now cared for by the National Trust.


The wind turbine farm at Ovendon.


Widdop reservoir on a fair day!


Stoodley Pike war memorial



One hour horse riding,

thirty minutes groom, tack/untack.


£30.  Experience necessary, please ask for dates

Potential riders please note:



At trekking centres the horses and ponies are trained to follow each other to keep the riders safe, so that novice and even beginner riders can enjoy going out on the back of a horse.


Our horses and ponies are trained to do what the rider tells them to do, so that if you accidently kick the horse or pull the reins because you are a novice and have lost your balance, then your horse will respond and you may fall off, our horses are not taught to follow each other no matter what the rider does!


That is why we say that you need to be an experienced rider to enjoy these rides out.


You need to have a balanced seat and be confident enough to not panic if the horse spooks at a grouse or other hazard on the moors.


After saying all that, the horses are well behaved, quiet and calm, you just need to be able to deal with any unexpected incidents that may or may not occur in a calm and confident manner.


Because of the terrain we stay in walk and trot on the hacks.




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Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre has good horses and ponies for horse riding lessons and pony riding lessons. To experience stunning scenery and Yorkshire riding at its best enjoy a horse riding hack. We breed Spanish horses (Andalusians) at our equestrian stables, the Spanish horse (Andalusian) is good in the riding school. Our good ponies give pony lessons and for pony fun and pony games why not book one of our popular pony parties as a birthday treat at our riding school.

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