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Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre

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Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre

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Welcome! - we're here to help you to enjoy horses and ponies!

We have worked with horses and ponies all our lives and enjoy to share with you a wealth of experience so that you too can enjoy the exciting and varied world of horses and ponies!


We teach balance on the horse and understanding of the horse as top priorities, all our lessons, exercises and rides are based on these principles


On rainy days or for flat work lessons you can ride in the 40m x 20m covered arena and on pleasant days enjoy a ride out over the scenic Pennine moors.


You can get your riding muscles toned up with bareback riding and lunge lessons on our lovely quiet and friendly horses and ponies, riding up and down our purpose made hills also develops your core strength and forward seat ready to enjoy show jumping or 'cross-country' riding in the fields! Check out the exercises to keep fit in between lessons (Rider exercises on the address bar). We have competed successfully internationally in show jumping and two of our horses hold high jump records!


We also specialise in the new sport 'Working Equitation' which is great fun and can be enjoyed by all abilities and ages of rider! The Spanish horses that we breed here are well suited to this sport and have already won national competitions.


Beginner adult and child riders are well looked after and you will quickly gain in ability and confidence.


Our parent and child lead rein classes are a great way to learn together! Parents are taught how to lead our lovely, friendly ponies and children from the age of 4 years old can be led around the arena, even progressing to a quiet walk around the reervoir when confidence and abilities increase!


Children from the age of six years old can enjoy Pony Parties here - you do not need to be a pony rider either!  Pony Parties are a great way to show your friends how much fun ponies are.  Enjoy a birthday party with a difference!


Young riders at HBEC may also enjoy to come for the day in the school holidays!  Pony days are great fun and a good way to learn about ponies and make new pony friends


Horse and pony loans are available for experienced riders at HBEC


Have a browse around our website and if you like what you see please give us a call and make an appointment to visit us or even book a ride!

Hope to see you soon - the HBEC team!


Information, hacks, bookings and New Riders Telephone: 07429538388 / 07493212368

Email: bookhbec@gmail.com

Teachers and horses

We are a group of riders and teachers comprised of Tamzin, Jess and Zara plus fabulous helpers. We are learning continually from: our animals; clients; riders at the top of their profession; the ABRS and BHS. We all have the same goal of sharing our love for horses and riding with children and adults. Most of the horses and ponies you ride at HBEC have: competed in BSJA competitioins home and abroad; enjoyed Pony Club Camps and competitions, swam in seas and lakes and have competed many times in hunter trials and Show jumping; on top of sharing special moments with many riders. HBEC have a herd of homebred Spanish horses that might also compete one week and take riders out on the moors the next! Enjoy!


Riding School times (please call for more times not listed below)

Hacking and Lessons are available 9am to 7pm Tuesday - Saturday. Lessons during the day (not included below) can be booked over the phone. An initial private assessment lesson may be required for riders wanting to join a group (this is not required for moorland rides or regular private riders). Group sizes average around 4/5 but 6 is maximum. Please phone to talk about your requirements or for any questioins.

Please note with regards to initial registration:

All our registration forms are electronic (so the teacher can access emergency contact numbers at any moment) and are accessed by clicking the lesson times below and booking in. Once the form is filled in you can book or cancel lessons quickly online and HBEC will be notified automaticlly.

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Here at Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre we can offer you a full and varied range of horse riding experiences and

lessons in horsemanship so that you can learn and enjoy various equestrian sports and leisure persuits and feel confident and safe around horses and ponies

Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre is situated on the scenic moors of Wadsworth above Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire.

Our Riding School offers horse riding hacks in which you can take in these far streached 360 views

In just 15 minutes you can feel like you are on the top of the world!

Visit us for the best in Yorkshire riding!

Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre has good horses and ponies for horse riding lessons and pony riding lessons. To experience stunning scenery and Yorkshire horse riding at its best enjoy a horse riding hack. We breed Spanish horses (Andalusians) at our equestrian stables, the Spanish horse (Andalusian) is good in the riding school.

Our good ponies give pony lessons and for pony fun and pony games why not book one of our popular pony parties as a birthday treat at our riding school.

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Please visit and 'like' our Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre

facebook page for up to date info!

HBEC on moors HBEC on moors 2 Crafty Ponies new soft toy pony with realistic lea Crafty Ponies soft toy pony with realistic saddle Crafty Ponies soft toy pony with realistic saddle

Have you seen our CRAFTY PONIES!!

Crafty Ponies are the cutest, most realistic soft toy ponies!  The saddle and bridle look and work just like the real thing!  there are lots of pony lessons on the educational website www.craftyponies.co.uk Crafty Ponies make great presents for pony mad children (and adults too!)

Crafty Ponies soft toy pony with realistic saddle and bridle - so cute! logo - HOW TO RIDE HORSES Part 2 - Grooming Part 3 - The arena Part 4 - The bridle





Booking: click your lesson link below or contact us


Jess 07429538388


4pm: Parent & Child Lead Rein


4.30pm: Child Group A


5pm: Child Group B


5.45pm: Child Group A


6.15pm:  Adult Group Lesson


Tamzin 07493212368

Jess 07429538388


12pm: Adult private lesson


1pm: Adult Group experienced


4.30pm: Child Group A


5pm: Child Group B


5.45pm: Group C


Jess 07429538388


4pm: Parent & Child Lead Rein


4.30pm: Child Group A 1

4.30pm: Child Group A 2


5.30pm: Child Group B


6.15pm: Free time slot


8am: Adult Group Lesson


9.30am: Group C


9.45am: Child Group B


11.15am: Child Group A


11.15am: Group C


12.45pm: Parent & Child Lead Rein


Saturday afternoon:

Open for any lessons / hacks. Please phone for availability

Mounting Poem for young children!

By HBEC to help children with the right order of things when mounting their pony, so please show your children to help them remember!


Check your hat

Say 'Hello'

Pat Pat Pat

Off We Go!


Take the reins

Both the same

Foot in stirrup

Hold the mane


Push up high

Sit down gently

Check reins and stirrups

You are ready!


Do you know about the Primaries Ponies Initiative? 

Visit www.primariesponies.com for many quizzes, games, videos and learning sheets, all for free so all children can access and have fun whilst learning about ponies.
















Written and illustrated by a very talented local artist and horsewoman: Karen Clithero -  your teacher!

parts of a bridle

All lessons at HBEC contain a horse care element

All riders are encouraged to learn how to groom, tack up and learn many other apsects of horse/ pony care. This increases knowledge and experience whilst building strength and confidence!

Extra lesson times available during the daytime. Please phone for information and availability

New Thursday Evening and Friday Afternoon moorland hacks. 5.30pm-7pm  More info  Book

HBEC is Closed on and between these dates:

August 13th - 19th 2018

September 20th - 27th 2018